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16 May 2014 @ 06:29 pm
Passing out so quickly  
I am practically already asleep on my keyboard and I'm pretty sure this is all automatic typing xD I have spent the last three nights not in the Maron household, and it was amazing, and I don't want to forget it.  When I have broken up with my boyfriend and I am upset and depressed and I don't feel like holding it together anymore, I want to be able to come here and just read this and know that things can be awesome even with the shitstorm that was the last year :)

Tuesday, I went over to Josh's to drop off a bag of clothing / my magic cards as I was spending wed/thurs night with him, but tuesday with my friend Caitlin at her place, as Jess was in town.  I haven't seen Jess in... well, yeah, a year I guess, so it was awesome to hang out and talk with her.  She brought pot but no one wanted to share with her so I did xD Apparently I am an excellent smoking buddy.  The night we ordered a pizza and watched Digimon and Monster's University and played on our DS' [I started Ocarina again and am in Dodongo's right now].  On Wednesday, I took Jess to a lovely park I used to frequent.  The sun was shining, the air was warm, we wore summer clothing and laid in the grass for hours just reading in comfortable silence.  We swung on the swings a little, and got Starbucks because we looked like Hipsters so we might as well play the part and enjoy some goddamn delicious drinks xD

We went back to Cait's as Cait got home from work around 7, and went in the hot tub downstairs for a while, before I packed up my purse and headed downtown to grab Josh from work at 10:30.  We walked down along the water, shared some smokes, drank a ridiculous amount of whiskey that I had in my purse still from the con [WHICH WAS AMAZING AND WILL NEED A SEPERATE POST WHEN I HAVE ENERGY].  We stopped on the lock bridge and saw all the locks couples had placed there.  It's kinda intense.  Got back to his place and spent some time with Juhli before crashing for the night as Josh worked again at 12 the next day.  So when I woke up Thursday, I was completely alone with just me and three kitties! x3

I spent the day tidying their apartment [habit I have when people are kind enough to give me a safe haven in which to relax], and my brother came by around 4 as we were supposed to see the Last Unicorn in theatres.  Except we both lost our tickets and weren't feeling too up to it, so we just walked across downtown to his place from Josh's [about a 40 minute walk].  Chatted at his place, played some Mario Kart, then Alex's friend picked us up and dropped me at Josh's work again for 8.  We grabbed some beer from the lcbo and headed home to his place as Juhli worked early and needed food so we couldn't be out late.

When Juhli went to bed around 11, Josh and I loaded the remaining 5 beer, my litre of Vex, and a fireball flask I had whipped together, along with some joints and smokes, and went on a 5 hour walk around the city xD We literally got home as the sun was rising.  It was... amazing.  It was such a good walk. We went down along the waterfront by parliment [and I am pretty sure we ran into something terribly dark and dangerous but shhhhh] and sat by the water and watched some late night ducks eating.  We walked out to Champlain point and just sat and had a good conversation andaishfpiagdfuayvfupasdv I peed on Parliment Hill and had the most amazing view xD Josh couldn't stop laughing.  I got to see if the lightning bolt on the ground was warmed yet, and we took shelter in a long tunnel from the rain for a while.  The thing is, once we went through that tunnel, which was at the start of our walk, we didn't see more than 5 people the rest of the night.  It's like we were in our own little world.  Sensed crap like crazy.  We did go into the cherry orchard but something was... off.  It felt wrong.  I wasn't comfortable, so we went into the market hoping to see people, and ended up on the second floor of a parking garage watching the last remaining drunk food place.  It was 100% like watching animas in a zoo.  The alpha female sauntering in and within 5 seconds, a group of males has coalesced around her.  Like... it was amazing. Watching people pair off, watching people swing and miss, and Josh and I just leaned on the second floor across the street, passing alcohol back and forth.  At least, until the homeless man saw us and we got the fuck outta there xD  We even saw someone we knew, and walked like, literally inches from her, right past her, watching her, and she didn't pay us a single goddamn notice xD  It was amazing to be in that bubble, but at the same time, slightly scary.  Walking part the jail was almost too much for me by the time we swung around that way.  It was like a boss battle, so I took Josh to the firefighters memorial on city hall property to use it as a save point and regroup.  I find it a relaxing place.

Overall, it was an amazing night. Today was also excellent because I have wonderful friends who aren't going to let me go through the next few weeks alone and it feel amazing to know that :)