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28 December 2012 @ 02:04 am
Hello everyone! I hope you all had some fantastic Christmas times with your family and friends and that Santa was good to you :]  I figured I update so irregularly that a christmas post was the least I could offer my future self when she goes through this journal and realizes large swaths of my life are missing xD  Especially since my memory has been crap lately due to bad sleeping caused by night terrors.  It's the best! XD

So!  Rewind a little bit because December has been a super busy month.  A few months ago, Chad's older brother Greg proposed to his girlfriend Annie, and Chad was asked to be best man and I was asked to be a bridesmaid :]  I'm really excited because this is my first wedding since I was five, so... it'll be the first one in my recollective memory xD I feel pretty honoured to be asked to be a bridesmaid too; it's just another thing that confirms my belief that I really am a part of his family now.  Like, his mom and I go out shopping and during the summer I spent days with them just chatting in the pool while Chad worked.  December 8th was the Engagement party, as well as the first night of Hanukkah, and his mom and I both wore these leather tights with dresses xD Suzi bought a pair first, then offered to buy me a pair if I would wear them to the party with her so she wasn't the only one :]

The party went really well though! We showed up early and helped set up and get things organized.  I decorated like, 40 cupcakes and they were all beautiful xD  Chad's entire family, as well as Annie's, are Jewish, so everyone was there for the party as well as the first night [it was also his Aunt Cheryl's and his Grandpa's birthdays].  There was a chocolate fountain and it was excellent.  Like, 60 people showed up! The house was so full and I am usually so awkward in social situations, but apparently I was really good!  I talked to lots of people and made sure everyone was content and all that.  We were there til almost one am.  The only bad thing that happened was the ride home; Chad's parents live on the other side of town, so we were going to taxi home.  However, Annie's parents and 40 year old sister were going to our end so they offered a ride.  Worst 30 minute drive ever.  The sister is a complete and total spoiled bitch.  I will not go into the details of the ride, but to give an example, Annie wanted our dresses to be a silvery green [sage] for the wedding.  Her sister decided she didn't look good in that colour, so when she picks a colour, she'll let us know, and Annie has to base the wedding around what her fucktarded sister wants.  Man, Annie could tell me to wear neon pink sequins and I would do it for her; it's HER wedding! skgfisdufgisfgs I get really upset about this woman and her pampered ways.

The December 12th was out 2 year anniversary :]  Chad was in the most brutal finals I have ever heard of, so since it was a wednesday, we had a quiet night in.  Since I left my job, money has been tight, so presents were more well thought out and prepared than expensive.  For Hanukkah I got him an adventure time wallet with Finn's face embroidered into the white leather, and for our anniversary, I got my cousin shaun to download Red vs Blue seasons 1 - 10, and got a limited edition blue Spartan Play Arts action figure.  Then I put a red flag in his hand and had him hold the usb with the episodes :]  I think he really liked it?  We've watched seasons 1 and 2 so far.  I love Grif like no other.  I just have this thing for men in armour, it turns out.... xD

On the 21st we had a doomsday party and I cooked brownies and cupcakes and we had Shaun and our friends Caitlin, Angie and Chris over.  It was REALLY fun and kinda what I want to do for new years, but I think I might get dragged to a pub instead Dx  On the 22nd we came home to belleville, and went shopping at Walmart at 1 am.  Worst choice ever, as that seems to be when all of welfare Belleville does it's grocery shopping.  But my brother had't started his Christmas shopping yet xD

On the 23rd we went downtown to the comic shop and Scalliwag Toys, which is a board game shop.  Like, only board games and toys.  It's such a great place; Chad picked up two Munchkin expansions because we are addicted to Munchkin.  We have the regular Munchkin, 2 expansions, Munchkin Cthulu [my favourite], the Penny Arcade, Conan, Guild, Necronomicon and Fairy booster packs, and now Mission Impossible Munchkin, which my brother bought us both for Christmas :D  We pretty much wandered downtown, and then for dinner, my grandparents took us to the Winchester Arms as I had mentioned that I wanted to take Chad there for our 2 year.  It's like this really nice british pub with bookcases lining the walls and stuff.  IT WAS DELICIOUS.

The 24th we hung around at my dad's, and shopped at the dollar store for my moms stocking [I always buy her stocking stuffers because if I didn't, she would have none D:] and went to my Grandma and Grandad Cross' for dinner.  Played Uno, lost by over 100 points.  Fuck Uno XD  Recieved a really nice picture frame from them for multiple pics, which Chad has been mentioning he wants more pictures of us up in the apartment [WHICH IS BEAUTIFULLY CLEAN, BTW, AS I WENT APESHIT ON IT BEFORE THE PARTY.  We have both TVs in the living room hooked up to all our consoles and afgaksdfgaidfga so beautiful ;___; ] 

Christmas morning I got to wake up with the man I love and my wonderful, adorable puppy Castiel, and we opened stockings in my mom's room.  This was Chad's first Christmas, so I was pretty excitable.  For my mom, I was going to buy the Kobo mini, as it was on sale for 50 bucks and I could afford that, but when I saw it, it was REALLY tiny.  So I called my grandma and she agreed to put 50 dollars in so I could get the next one up.  When my mom opened it, she started crying, it was so adorable.  I was really happy she liked it so much <3  For Chad, I got him a black and yellow hoodie [which is a much bigger deal than it sounds; it's taken me two years to find one!] and a red and blue plaid shirt to use for our Fiona/Marshal Lee cosplays :]  Alex got Cabin the Woods and a Survivor board game I found.  My dad I hand stained a wooden shelving unit and hand painted some matching glass vases with celtic knots.  I will never paint a celtic knot again; it took me hours to get it symmetrically right.

In return, I got my shiny new Samsung laptop!  It was all I asked for, as I start school January 5th in Programming, and a laptop is required for the course with specific specifications, and my HP laptop has been close to death for almost a year.  I also got a new dish set in ~LIME GREEN~ and a shirt with a T-rex on it that says 'If you're happy and you know it, clap your... oh.' which made me laugh so hard xD  I actually got so much more than I thought and I'm really grateful <3  Chad forgot my present in Ottawa, but still bought me some Portal bookends!  And alex got us the munchkin and bought me ~Super Mario Sunshine~ which I've wanted forever because it got stolen and I fucking love that game xD  I got my new kneehigh leather boots from my grandparents, and a sweater dress I wanted, and jsgduayfvauovyaousdyv MY DAD


MY DAD IS SO SWEET.  Before we went to the Cross family dinner on Christmas Eve, he took me upstairs as he had a special present for me.  While down in the states, he had bought me a Swarovski Crystal jewelry set.  It's so beautiful.  It's a drop with a small silver and crystal star on it with a star of david in the middle, and a smaller star dangling from that, with matching earrings.  He said he wanted me to have something that would be symbolically related to Chad and my relationship, ie. the Star of David, as he thinks we have something really special and supports us both.  I cried.  There were tears shared xD

Since then we've been hanging around; we go home tomorrow morning.  Last night we went to see a naughty play at the Stirling theatre that was 'Alice in Wonderland'.  Oh my goodness, the male actors were almost always topless and ripped.  One of them ripped his pants off and shook his ass at one point.  And the caterpillar with the hookah made me laugh so hard xD It was excellent.

Anyways.  It's 2 am.  Gotta leave tomorrow by 10.  So I will end it here.

Happy new years to all of you! <3

P.S. IF ANY OF YOU WATCH ROOSTERTEETH / RAGEQUIT, Michael proposed to Lindsay last night!  AUGsuo\yfduydvfuodfyg I have never been so happy for two people I have never met. <3 <3 <3 Tumblr has been nothing but adorable pics of them since <3